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Don’t stop at “operational!” Digital...

08 Aug 2017

When digital transformation tools are applied to the long-term vision and creativity of the enterprise, digital transformation becomes strategic.

Bonitasoft recognized for "customer...

25 Jul 2017

Bonitasoft's COO explains how customer-centric transformation brings increased customer satisfaction and sales success

MWD Advisors releases report on Bonita BPM

21 Mar 2017

MWD Advisors recently released a report assessing the capabilities of Bonita BPM and more

Build an application for order management and stay competitive

14 Feb 2017

Here's a demo on excellent order management with BPM

"Software reviews by real users"

31 Jan 2017

"...a cross between a Yelp- or Trip Advisor-style customer review site and analyst business like Gartner and Forrester Research"

Bonita BPM and SharePoint: a perfect match for the connected enterprise

30 Nov 2016

Aprico has an excellent demo to show how Bonita BPM can help automate and structure the use of SharePoint to use it neatly and efficiently.

Sometimes you need a custom integration solution. But usually, you don’t.

15 Nov 2016

Join us and our partner Evoke and see how to leverage an ESB solution to integrate BPM applications in a complex architecture in this upcoming webinar

Connecting ERP, CRM and users with BPM

24 Oct 2016

With applications built on Bonita BPM, TVN-Harmonic has implemented an efficient strategy of priority bug fixing that meets customer requirements, and simplified hidden, time-consuming...

Verallia simplifies its IT landscape for innovation

11 Oct 2016
Verallia, the third global producer of glass packaging for food and beverages, offers innovative, customized and environmentally friendly solutions to more than 10,000 customers around the world....

Creating financial business value with BPM

29 Sep 2016
Cenotech Solutions explains how BPM application platforms can help financial institutions meet and even take advantage of some of the challenges they are facing today

The digital thread: tying the whole organization together

29 Sep 2016
What it means to create a “digital thread” through your business, and why model-driven, ‘low-code’ business process application development platforms bring three core capabilities to organisations...
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