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- - - - - It's #BonitaBPM Tour day in Paris!

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La table ronde Bonita Day Paris

25 Apr 2017

Les clients de Bonitasoft donnent leur retour d'expérience et témoignages autour des projets de transformation numérique

Bristol-Myers Squibb finalist for Bio...

18 Apr 2017

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Bonitasoft’s project has been announced as a finalist for this year’s Bio-IT World Best Practices Awards

BPM Skills in 2017 - hot, or not?

14 Mar 2017

Zbigniew says, it's not your Daddy's BPM.

Bristol-Myers Squibb finalist for Bus Transformation & Operational Excellence Award

28 Feb 2017

Bonita BPM user Bristol-Myers Squibb is on the shortlist for the 2017 Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Award

Build an application for order management and stay competitive

14 Feb 2017

Here's a demo on excellent order management with BPM

Anonymous Bonitasoft reviews available on Glassdoor

07 Feb 2017

Employees tell what it's like working at Bonitasoft in these Glassdoor reviews

"Software reviews by real users"

31 Jan 2017

"...a cross between a Yelp- or Trip Advisor-style customer review site and analyst business like Gartner and Forrester Research"

Best Modeling Product of the Year 2016-17

24 Jan 2017

The Urbanization-SO blog has chosen Bonita BPM as the best BPMN modeling tool, 2016-17

Join us at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening Conference 2017

17 Jan 2017

Bristol-Myers Squibb will present a session on Digitizing Discovery Lab Workflow, featuring an application built on Bonita BPM.

Are you ready to move forward with digital transformation?

12 Jan 2017

Bonita BPM 7.4.1 is now available for download

Happy New Year 2017!

10 Jan 2017

Happy New Year and best wishes for a TRANSFORMATIVE 2017!